Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2011-12

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I feel pleasure to place before the Donors, Institutions and the Public at large the Annual Report of activities of the Humanity foundation.

We are very thankful to our community, volunteers and management who are dedicated towards the empowerment of the disabled in health and education.

Scribe fees for the exam (writers) were arranged for the visually impaired students for their exams of different course of graduation. Various volunteer and even paid writers were arranged for different course of BA students studying in different colleges of Delhi University.

Shirts were given to 11 visually impaired students at our hostel.

One of our students Lovely Kumar secured 82% marks in class 12 Board exams. The management congratulated him on his success’ He applied in different colleges of Delhi University in BA history (hons.). He got selected both in Hindu and St. Stephen’s college. After clearing his interview he got admission in St. Stephen College with hostel facility. An application was given to St Stephen College for tuition and hostel fees concession. Some sponsors were arranged for depositing the tuition and hostel fees. As our hostel seats were vacated fresh application were taken from various visually impaired students staying in different blind schools.

We took three fresh admission of visually impaired students from different states who were already studying in blind school in Delhi. We took three admissions at our hostel. The name of the students are:
1.Sushant Raj-BA(prog) in Dyal Singh College
2.Shankar Reddy BA(prog)Sri Venketeshwara College
3 Ishwar Verma BA(prog) Delhi college of arts and commerce.

Tuition fees of different visually impaired students were paid in different colleges.

Name of the students whose fees was sponsored are:
1.Jitender Kumar-BA pol science(hons) final year in PGDAV College-Rs 3640/
2.Amarjeet Kumar Mandal -BAHindi (hons)3rd year in PGDAV College-Rs 4365/
3.Jitender Kumar-BA pol science(hons)3rd year in PGDAV-Rs 4365/
4.Mithun Kumar-BA Hindi (hons)3rd year in PGDAV-Rs 4365/
5.Deepak Prasad-BA Pol Science(hons)2nd year in PGDAV-Rs 4265/
6.Govind Vishwakarma-BA(prog)3rd year in B.R Ambedkar College-Rs 6525/ 

Distribution of I pods
Some students who had taken fresh admissions in June 2011 were given ipods (4GB transcend) for recording their study material and lectures.
These students were;
1.Sushant Raj
2.Shankar Reddy
3.Ishwar Verma

Books were also provided to all the students of the subjects relevant to their courses.
From time to time volunteers were arranged for reading, recording and writing assignments for them.
During the season of Diwali shirts and 12 reversible jackets along with sweets were given to 12 visually impaired staying at our hostel.

150 blank cd’s were distributed among the students for recording studying material.

During New Year 11 shirts and folding sticks were given to the students staying at our hostel.
A trip was organized for the students staying at our hostel at adventure island.
All the students were accompanied with management staff and volunteers for their recreation.
Three of our students cleared clerical exam of INDIAN BANKING PUBLIC SERVICE
These students were;
1.Govind Vishwakarma
2.Jitender Sharma
3. Ramesh Yadav