Annual Report 2013-14

During the first quarter (April to June)
Scribe fees of the writers were arranged for visually impaired students for their exams. One of our student Deepak Prasad cleared his entrance exam of Bachelor of Education (Special) affiliated to Delhi University. Some of the volunteers had come to teach and read books for the visually impaired students.

During the Second quarter (July to September)
Some of our students were promoted to the next semester of Delhi University. All the 10 students staying at our blind home were given t shirts and a pair of shoes. Volunteers had come to teach students and record the study material of different courses. New Admission was given to Suraj Verma and was doing B.A (Hindi Honours) from Hindu college ,Delhi University.
These students were given I pods for recording study material ;

During the Third quarter (October to December) One Angel player was given to Nitin Kr.Tyagi of class 10 for recording study material. It is a talking device as a digital pocket daisy player, e book reader, and fully designed for visually challenged. The student was able to transfer the study material to the computer and save it in the hard disc.
Two volunteer had come from Tunisia & visited our blind home .They contributed in administrative activities as well as read books in English for the students.

During the Fourth quarter ( January 2014 to March)
During New year ten students were given New Mink Blankets during winters and full sleeve shirts .New Sweaters were also distributed to the Ten visually impaired students.
Some volunteers had come from B.Ed college and made assignments for students. These volunteers also came in group and made charts and pinned them on the boards.
One New admission Prem kumar Pal from Jharkhand, district - Palamu. student of class 10 approached us for getting admission in our blind home. We gave him admission on 30 March 2014 & he had turned blind recently.

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