Humanity Foundation firmly believes that those better of in life do have the innate desire to help the less fortunate by contributing the valuable time efforts & finances striving to get them away from the clutches of ignorance & misery. Many orphans are looking to new horizons and even blinds are getting employment. Humanity Foundation has been able to do little that too for very few as our resources are much limited thousand are looking for light in life.


Ways to give or donate

All of you have had good times in the school days and learn the essentials to take on your future ……….
Don’t you think the blind and other destitute also deserve to get education and be like you?

* You can sponsor uniform, books, stationary to poor & orphan children in schools.
* You can provide appliances like Tricycle Rickshaw, Wheel Chairs etc to physically challenge.

Please visit our Blind Home & contribute your sponsor gift.
For, One Blind Student
* Rs 1200/- for one months food.
* Rs 500/- for Educational & Exam-Writer fees.
* Rs………Every month as a gift to Blind students.
* Contribution like ration, grocery items, furnitures, educational materials etc.

Contributions are exempted from Income Tax u/s 80G.
Your contribution will go a long way in rehabilitating blind & other disabled persons.
Voluntary help including services & professional guidance are also most welcome.

Thru NEFT, a/c payee cheque, depositing in the bank directly as
Our savings account no. 603610100014770
IFSC CODE – bkid0006036
Bank of India – Safdarjung Enclave ,New Delhi – 110029

DDs & Cheques shall be drawn in favour of “HUMANITY FOUNDATION”, Payable at New Delhi.