Our objective

To provide free accommodation, hygienic food, medical care, vocational and computer training to the visually impaired students and to ensure their rehabilitation.


To provide a range of services to the handicapped, giving them medical care and appliances like crutches, callipers, hearing aids, etc.


To provide primary education, stationery, after-school coaching books & school fees to the needy as well as the meritorious students.


To encourage today’s generation to have the confidence, motivation and means to make the world a better place for them.


To give vulnerable children a voice and the tools to raise issues, which have a bearing on their lives enabling them to become valued and productive citizens.



“Let us join hands to help the downtrodden



  1. The main introduction content has to be rephrased and suitable changes are to be made as requested by the client.
  2. Rather than using “work as a catalyst”, some other phrase of words are to be used to initiate the paragraph titled- Our Mission.
  3. For  vocational training, content should be prepared again with following pointers being considered:
  • Points regarding ‘Educational assistance’ has to be removed and rest of the points are to be rephrased.
  • This point should be added to the point regarding Computer Training – Skill specific training for 6 months and computer/call center training is also provided to students.
  • Also add words like “provides stationary items, recreational material, crutches, blindfolding stick and recording devices” under appliances in vocational training.


  1. Under achievement section, filtrations regarding grammar and proper sentence building are required.

These changes have already been decided:

Mr. Nitin Kumar Tyagi got 87 % in class 12 C.B.S.E Board in 2017. He is currently pursuing B.com Honors from Shri Ram College of Commerce.

Mr. Manish kanaujia got entitled to a job in Satyawati College in Delhi University as an Assistant Professor in Hindi in July 2015.


  1. Abstain the use of word “children” and use “youth” wherever required.
  2. Incorporate key highlights from brochure and use them in the website.
  3. *remove grammatical errors*
  4. Bold the key points wherever required.