Vocational Training

Vocational training


  • Computer Training: Computer applications & operations are possible for them through (JAWS) JOB ACCESS WITH SPEECH Which allows them to read the screen with the help of speakers. Skill specific training for 6 months and computer/call centre training is also provided to students.


  • Music Training: We provide assistance for music training to get a hold on the melody of various vocal and instrumental music devices like Keyboard, Tabla, Harmonium, Guitar & other Instruments to the visually impaired students.


  • Personality Development and English Communication: We have a pre established tie up with institutions and a good network of volunteers who instil confidence in them and hone their communication skills.


Other Facilities

  • Medical facilities:Regular health check-up andtreatments for the residents at the blind home in addition to in-house availability of primitive health care instruments.


  • Appliances: Provides stationary items, recreational material, crutches, blindfolding stick and recording devices.


  • A well-equipped library: With a bank of 800 books (comprising school books, college books, reference books and encyclopedias) has been setup.


  • Sports activities:Students are provided with various facilities for both indoor (like carom, chess, etc.) andoutdoor games (Cricket, Long jump, etc.).